We're sorry to see you go. Please get in touch with us if there is anything we can do to enhance your experience with Ablr. We appreciate your suggestions, and we'll keep improving to give you better service.

You are always free to close your Account, provided that:

  1. There are no unpaid invoices as a result of your full payment of all orders' associated instalments.
  2. There are no unprocessed refunds from Participating Merchants that are still outstanding
  3. There are no unresolved disputes between you and Ablr or any Participating Merchant
  4. You are not the subject of any investigation into your Orders, Installments, or any other matter as reasonably determined by Ablr.

Visit our terms of service here for more details.

To proceed with the account closure, please contact us at help@ablr.com and our Support Team will assist you further.